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#05 – Bit Lighthouse – Talk with Ryan Rea

During a recording of the BitLighthouse Podcast in sunny Miami, we sat down with the vibrant Ryan Rea. He is an experienced digital marketer with a rich background spanning startups to Fortune 50 corporations. His career reflects adaptability and a passion for community-driven innovation.

Ryan talked about his life and work in Miami. He explained the story behind his nickname “Volvo Shine” and how Miami’s lively style influenced his own fashion choices. A big part of the chat was about OfficeLogic, a place in Miami where tech people come together to work and share ideas. Ryan also shared his experiences in marketing, from working in small startups to big companies. Throughout the talk, he stressed the importance of being genuine and the value of community in the tech world. Our time with Ryan offered a vibrant glimpse into tech, marketing, and the lively pulse of Miami.

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