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#09 – Bit Lighthouse – Talk with Claudia Akel

We recently had the privilege of hosting Claudia Akel, an advocate for sustainable development and positive societal change, on the BitLighthouse Podcast. As the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at SDGi – SDG Investors, Claudia uses the power of technology to amplify SDG education and ESG visibility, bridging the gap between leaders and founders in their quest for sustainable solutions. 

Claudia‘s dedication to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) shines through her involvement in various initiatives, including the Social Impact Movement and Catalyst2030’s US Chapter.

In our conversation, Claudia talked about the core principles of SDGs, the significance of Miami in the global SDG landscape, and the innovative platforms she’s been a part of, such as She also shared insights on the importance of multicultural teams, the essence of transparency and ethics in gaining investor trust, and startups’ role in championing SDGs from inception.

Tune in to hear Claudia’s perspective on the future of sustainability, the challenges and opportunities it presents, and her call to action for individuals and businesses alike to be agents of change in this crucial movement.

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  1. It’s great to see these conversations gaining traction in the corporate world because, as it turns out, the environmental impacts and challenges are all around. Belíssimo trabalho!

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