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#10 – Bit Lighthouse – Talk with Mauricio Benvenutti

In this Bit Lighthouse episode, we had an amazing chat with Mauricio Benvenutti, a prominent figure in the landscape of innovation. Having lived in Brazil, Silicon Valley, and Florida, he has been recognized by the Brazilian Congress for his exceptional entrepreneurial contributions.

With experience as a partner, investor, and board member in various companies, Mauricio offers valuable insights. During our conversation, we talked about his personal journey, his perspective on the role of technology, and the significance of lifelong learning. He also touched upon the transformation of Silicon Valley, the rise of Miami as a tech center, the interplay between artificial intelligence and human intelligence, and his vision for the future.

A special note about this episode: We chose to record it in Portuguese, believing that Mauricio’s insights would resonate deeply with his huge audience in Brazil. But don’t worry, for our English-speaking audience, subtitles are available.

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