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#12 – Bit Lighthouse – Talk with André Akkari

In this episode of our BitLighthouse Podcast, we’re thrilled to welcome André Akkari, a name synonymous with mastery in poker and strategic entrepreneurship.

Akkari isn’t just known for his expertise at the poker table, having secured a WSOP Bracelet in 2011, but also for his strategic insight in the business arena. His journey from the poker table to becoming a partner in “Furia,” the largest e-sports organization in Brazil, is nothing short of a captivating tale of strategy and success.

Our chat with Akkari took us through the fascinating world of poker, revealing it as more than just a game. It’s a complex, strategic activity that teaches about risk, decision-making, and handling loss, both emotional and financial. He shared his perspective on the emotional rollercoaster that poker can be, and how it’s essential to navigate through the highs and lows it brings, especially considering its impact on young followers.

In the realm of business, Akkari values character and positivity in his partnerships, placing people above ideas. His entrepreneurial journey is not just about profit but also about creating a positive impact and enjoying the ride. He shared insights into his business philosophy, emphasizing the importance of aligning actions with genuine desires and not getting swayed by societal expectations or pressures.

*A special note about this episode: We chose to record it in Portuguese, believing that Akkari’s insights would resonate deeply with his huge audience in Brazil. But don’t worry, for our English-speaking audience, subtitles are available.

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