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#13 – Bit Lighthouse – Talk with Andrea Iorio

Andrea Iorio is one of Brazil’s and LATAM’s most requested Keynote speakers. He is a former Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at L’Oréal and head of Tinder in Brazil and Latin America for five years.

Join us on a captivating journey with Andrea Iorio, spanning Italy, Brazil, and the US. Explore his cultural influences, criteria for moving to Miami, and the key strategies behind Tinder’s success. Andrea shares insights on transitioning from tech to L’Oréal, becoming an MIT Technology Review columnist, and investing in groundbreaking apps.

Discover “Meta-leadership,” Andrea’s latest project on leadership in the era of AI. Gain insights into technology’s impact on leadership, digital transformation in Florida, AI adoption pitfalls, and the pillars of reputation building. Uncover how jiu-jitsu influences business and navigates startup challenges in the ever-changing business landscape.

Don’t miss Andrea Iorio’s diverse experiences!

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