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#14 – Bit Lighthouse – Talk with Nicole Vasquez

In today’s episode, meet Nicole Vasquez, a tech enthusiast who has been working hard to build and support tech communities.

As the COO of Refresh Miami, Nicole is at the forefront of the Florida tech scene, driving innovation and connecting people. She’s not just a successful entrepreneur but also a Co-Founder of Deskpass, linking remote workers globally.

Recently, Nicole joined MIA to support global AI access for women. Join us for a light yet profound chat where Nicole shares her tech journey with authenticity and transparency. Don’t miss out on this inspiring conversation!

And a bit more about Nicole: With a decade of entrepreneurial success, having sold 2 coworking spaces with online communities and publishing an eBook titled “How to Plan and Launch an Online Community.”

Passionate about diversity, entrepreneurship, and innovation, Nicole is a dedicated advocate for women in technology.

Beyond her professional accolades, Nicole, a global learner who’s explored 45+ countries, is passionate about sharing insights and fostering meaningful conversations.

Get ready for an engaging episode!

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