Gamma is an AI-powered content creation and presentation tool. With user-friendly templates and editing options, Gamma streamlines the process of generating polished slides for presentations, eliminating the need for extensive formatting and design skills. It offers a range of customization features without requiring any coding knowledge.


Decktopus AI is an effortless AI-powered presentation generator. Packed with many user-friendly features, it streamlines the presentation creation process. From its instant deck generator, theme changer, and slide designer to its image and icon finder, slide note maker, and content wizard, the platform ensures an efficient and visually captivating experience.


Tome is an AI-powered storytelling tool for creating and sharing immersive narratives. Users can effortlessly generate presentations, outlines, and stories with text and images with its interactive canvas and AI storytelling partner. The platform goes beyond static content by allowing users to transform documents or summaries into engaging Tomes. With AI features, users can refine their work and tailor their stories to their desired tone and style.

Plus AI

Plus AI is an AI-powered productivity tool for Google Docs and Slides. The tool generates customized presentation outlines based on brief user descriptions, which can be easily adjusted and reviewed. It automates the process of creating slides, enabling users to add context and deliver presentations without hassle quickly.


MagicSlides is an AI-powered Google Slide add-on for easy and fast slide creation from text. Its lightning-fast speed automatically summarizes the text and converts it into beautifully designed slides, giving users a head start in creating professional presentations.