Birthed by innovation: The story of Bitboundaire

Embarking on a journey of innovation and technological advancement, Bitboundaire is dedicated to empowering businesses through software development. Our driving force is helping organizations overcome their digital challenges and transform their visions into tangible realities. 

We are fueled by the pursuit of excellence, striving to create a world that operates seamlessly and evolves with quality and agility. We understand that software development extends beyond mere lines of code, taking into account the personal and social aspects that shape the final product.

But how did our vision become aligned, and what led us to where we are today? Join us in the story of Bitboundaire’s inception, marked by collaboration and an unwavering commitment to turning our clients’ visions into impactful digital solutions.


The Birth of Bitboundaire

Bitboundaire’s inception can be traced back to the partnership between our CEO Wladimir Rezende and the visionary Dr. Roberto Botelho and Eduardo Galassi.

In February 2018, Wladimir made a significant career move, stepping down from his role as Product Owner at a company he helped to co-found, specializing in weather prediction and IoT. His departure aimed to explore new opportunities in personal technology projects.

Shortly after, he received an invitation that would shape his future endeavors. Dr. Roberto Botelho, a renowned Brazilian physician and president of the Adib Jatene Foundation, along with Eduardo Galassi, CEO of Eurolatino Empreendimentos Group, one of the largest investment groups in the interior of Brazil, approached Wladimir. 

Their goal was to collaborate on a groundbreaking technology project with a specific focus on revolutionizing the healthcare ecosystem. The partnership was born, which would allow the construction of the foundations that would lead to the emergence of Bitboundaire.


Transforming healthcare data management

Drawing upon their state-of-the-art technological expertise, Carlos Pinheiro and Ederson Lima played a pivotal role in the first outcome of their partnership:  a Web 3.0 project with intensive use of blockchain technology called Field. This project was gestated with the support of KPMG and allowed the achievement of deep technical knowledge in DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and DLT (Distributed ledger technology) technologies.

In order to establish a reliable and comprehensive source of health data for the Field project, they have developed a platform called Ciclys. It focuses on hospital billing cycle control and has proven to be an invaluable tool for various healthcare operations in Brazil. Notably, this technology has already saved millions of dollars for its customers, showcasing its remarkable impact on cost reduction and efficiency enhancement within the healthcare sector.

Building upon their success, the team established UMC Tecnologia S.A, a company specializing in innovative technological solutions and business models. UMC Tecnologia developed UMC Strat, a groundbreaking platform for risk stratification in health operations. This platform empowered healthcare organizations to make informed decisions, optimize resources, and enhance patient outcomes.


Going global

With a remarkable track record of developing multiple technological solutions in Brazil, the time was ripe to expand operations and bring specialized technology services to the USA. Thus, Bitboundaire was established in May 2021, offering state-of-the-art software engineering that places the utmost emphasis on fulfilling customers’ needs.

The arrival of partners Lorena Tomás and Marcel Martinelli further fortified the company’s capabilities. Lorena’s expertise in customer experience management and Marcel’s profound knowledge of projects involving Big Data, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence created the perfect synergy. Therefore, Bitboundaire propelled itself into becoming a comprehensive end-to-end technology services provider renowned for its productivity and efficiency.

We quickly gained clients in the USA, Europe, and Asia, having built solutions from scratch and supported the scaling of existing projects.


Building stronger futures

Bitboundaire goes above and beyond in supporting and assisting our customers with all their technology demands. We understand the significance of building strong and long-lasting relationships, that’s why our customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

The core value that guides our company culture is “We Truly Care.” This guiding principle reflects our unwavering dedication to supporting our clients every step of the way, comprehending their aspirations and objectives, and maintaining open and honest communication. Together, we can shape the future of technological innovation, one groundbreaking project at a time. 

This is a brief story of the birth of our company. If you want to be part of our journey to transform businesses, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are here to support your project endeavors with pleasure.

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