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#14 – Bit Lighthouse
As the COO of Refresh Miami, Nicole is at the forefront of the Florida tech scene, driving innovation and connecting people. She’s not just a successful entrepreneur but also a Co-Founder of Deskpass, linking remote workers globally.
#13 – Bit Lighthouse
In our conversation with Andrea Iorio, he shared valuable insights encompassing his diverse journey, spanning from tech leadership and cultural influences to AI-driven meta-leadership.
#12 - Bit Lighthouse
André Akkari, renowned poker champion and savvy entrepreneur, unfolds his journey and emphasizes a business philosophy that cherishes positivity.
#11 - Bit Lighthouse
Explore the entrepreneurial journey of Fernando Cariello in the BitLighthouse Podcast, as he navigates through U.S. tech landscapes.
#10 - Bit Lighthouse
We chatted with Mauricio Benvenutti, an influential innovator with global experience and recognized for his entrepreneurial achievements.
#09 - Bit Lighthouse
Gain insights from our Bit Lighthouse conversation, where Claudia Akel discusses the meaning and importance of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on the BitLighthouse Podcast.
#08 - Bit Lighthouse
Gain insights from our Bit Lighthouse conversation, where Julia Lucidi, with experience in innovation ecosystems in the US and Latin America, discusses her journey, global company roles, and initiatives.
#07 - Bit Lighthouse
Gain insights from our Bit Lighthouse conversation, where CJ delves into the human essence of technology, the power of community, and innovation.
#06 - Bit Lighthouse
Join us on the Bit Lighthouse Podcast as we chat with financial expert Dani Lima, who offers invaluable advice and perspective on the financial landscape.
#05 - Bit Lighthouse
We talked with digital marketer Ryan Rea, as he provided a vivid perspective on marketing and Miami's dynamic tech scene.
#04 - Bit Lighthouse
Discover valuable insights from Wedge Martin, a technologist with a wealth of experience in the tech industry as he digs into the world of startups.

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#14 – Bit Lighthouse – Talk with Nicole Vasquez

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#13 – Bit Lighthouse – Talk with Andrea Iorio

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#12 – Bit Lighthouse – Talk with André Akkari

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#11 – Bit Lighthouse – Talk with Fernando Cariello

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#10 – Bit Lighthouse – Talk with Mauricio Benvenutti

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#09 – Bit Lighthouse – Talk with Claudia Akel

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