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Boost your business growth with these 3 essential steps

Bitboundaire experienced exceptional growth last year, multiplying its revenue by 8 without any canceled contracts. This result did not happen by chance. Bitboundaire provides outstanding services and deep dives into its customers’ expectations to achieve such fantastic milestones.

By following the three crucial steps below, you too can achieve similar growth rates and avoid cancellations:


Step 1: Understand Your Client’s Needs

When a client seeks a service provider, they usually search for one that can complete specific tasks, such as building an app or solving an integration problem. The client will reach out to the provider, asking for the price and conditions for the task’s completion. However, sometimes the client does not verbalize what they truly want, and a task always needs to be connected with a real-world problem that takes the peace out of the client’s mind and needs to be solved. As a service provider, you should go deep to obtain this information, and even before sending a proposal, understand the purpose of that task. By asking the right questions and digging deep into the client’s needs, you can avoid misunderstandings and ensure that the task meets their needs.


Step 2: Be Part of Your Client’s Aspirations

The majority of service providers focus only on task completion, and once the tasks are complete, the client’s responsibility takes over. However, service providers need to understand and be part of their client’s aspirations for growth and success. The client’s challenges need to be your challenges, their pain needs to be your pain, and their success needs to be your objective. Service providers need to figure out how to transform their clients’ expectations into the right tasks to reach success. This means breaking down expectations by priority, where more priority means faster execution and perfect understanding, and less priority means further comprehension and not-so-fast execution. This mindset is vital to ensuring your clients’ success and developing long-term relationships.


Step 3: Focus on SLA (Service Level Agreement)

A Service Level Agreement is a contract between a service provider and its customers that shows what kind of services the provider will deliver and defines the service standards the provider needs to accomplish. Many people in the services industry believe that services determine price, but this is not entirely true. The only relevant price determinator in services is performance level, and service providers can offer more proximity to their customers without a massive impact on their price. Being available and near does not hurt your margin. Service providers can engage in many real-time communication channels like Slack and quickly respond to their client’s needs cheaply. Being transparent and accessible means everything to the customers and is the most crucial part of the SLA. Like in sports, the best ability is availability, so always be available.


Following these three crucial steps will help you provide services your clients want and need, be part of your client’s aspirations, and provide a clear and concise SLA. 

And so, you can achieve exceptional growth rates and avoid canceled contracts.

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