Tactics for Streamlining Development – From Design Docs to API Integration

At Bitboundaire, we constantly seek ways to deliver maximum value in the shortest time possible. In this article, we will share some practices we recently applied in implementing a new feature from scratch for one of our clients. While they may seem simple, these practices have provided significant benefits in organizational matters, workflow, collaboration, and […]

AWS for Non-Engineers  - Introduction

You probably have heard about Amazon Web Services (AWS), the major cloud provider market leader since its public release in 2007. But do you know what AWS is and how it can power up your business?

Best Practices and Tips for Mastering Incident Handling

Regardless of the size of your company, there’s a good chance you’ve had to deal with an incident. Problems that escalate to catastrophic proportions affecting users, customers, services, and coworkers are almost inevitable when working with software engineering. Even companies at the forefront of quality software development occasionally face incidents, such as Google, Apple, Amazon, and many others. No company is immune, so it’s important to be aware of this.

The Hub of Innovation and Creativity in Miami’s Office Logic

In Miami’s lively startup scene, there’s a special workspace hub making a big difference. It’s a place where many types of startups, from tech to health, come together. But it’s not just about business – this hub also believes in including everyone and supporting their dreams.

Exploring the Fort Lauderdale Tech Meetup Experience

The Fort Lauderdale Tech Meetup, hosted monthly by Julia Lucidi at The Fitz Bar & Lounge, is focused on the tech community. This event promotes networking, collaboration, and support. Beyond socializing, it offers tech enthusiasts a platform to test pitches, connect with partners, attract investors, and find mentors.

A New Frontier in AI-Driven Climate Insights for a Sustainable Tomorrow

While the name may remind us of parallel universes from DC Comics, Earth-2 is not a work of fiction but a groundbreaking technology developed by Nvidia, a leading semiconductor company. This ambitious endeavor aims to construct an AI-powered “digital twin” of our planet, which holds immense promise in understanding complex natural phenomena and forging a path towards a better world for future generations.

Women in Tech and The Network Effect

Women in Tech is a global movement that aims to empower and support women in the technology industry. The event, “The Network Effect: Building Women’s Tech Communities,” brought together inspiring panelists who shared their insights on the importance of community, collaboration, and fostering growth.