Exploring the Fort Lauderdale Tech Meetup Experience

The Fort Lauderdale Tech Meetup, hosted monthly by Julia Lucidi at The Fitz Bar & Lounge, is focused on the tech community. This event promotes networking, collaboration, and support. Beyond socializing, it offers tech enthusiasts a platform to test pitches, connect with partners, attract investors, and find mentors.

Bitboundaire directors Lorena Tomás and Caio Monteiro joined the late gathering of the event. With over 100 participants, the discussions revolved around technology, startups, and investments.

Let’s explore their take on the event and the valuable connections they formed.


Tech and Innovation Fill The Fitz Bar

The Fitz Bar was alive with energy, matching the excitement of the attendees. The place was packed, showing how much the tech community cared about the event.

Julia Lucidi, the creator of Founder Tactics, is the driving force behind the Fort Lauderdale Tech Meetup. With more than 15 years of experience, she’s worked with entrepreneurs worldwide, creating programs that help businesses grow. The success of the Meetup, which is a big event in South Florida, shows how much Julia cares about bringing people in the tech community together.

And it’s not just events. Her work with important groups like Endeavor Brasil and the Global Entrepreneurship Network shows she’s committed to connecting the tech world and pushing for new ideas.


Industry Meetup Highlights

Throughout the evening, Lorena and Caio had the privilege of connecting with many respected individuals in the industry.

Among the new acquaintances, they met Jaap Donath. He is an innovator and Assistant Executive Director at The Levan Center, a public-private partnership propelling economic growth in South Florida. The center fosters collaboration across entrepreneurs, academia, industry, and government, and it generates six pivotal outcomes: ideation, tech innovation, talent pipeline, startups, job creation, and scaling, thus propelling the area’s ascent as a tech hub.

Kevin King, a true expert in communication technology, sparked a fascinating conversation. He is an executive at Comcast Business, a company offering a wide spectrum of technology solutions, supporting businesses of all sizes in readiness for the future. Kevin’s insights into network communication brought a fresh and valuable perspective to the exchange.

Fred Campos, a partner at Marcum LLP, was another valuable encounter. With extensive experience in accounting, finance, strategy, and M&A, Fred is a seasoned professional. In collaboration with diverse clients, his involvement in cross-border transactions covering the United States and Latin America added new insights to their conversation.

Their connection with Jeff Templeton, the director of Svitla Systems, a worldwide digital solutions company, was truly special. Operating with distributed teams across 10 delivery centers in the US, Eastern Europe, LATAM, and India, they boast over a thousand software engineers under Jeff’s leadership. The conversation provided an expansive insight into the global software engineering landscape, and they talked about shared challenges and solutions. A strong bond formed as they discussed their mutual dedication to nurturing authentic relationships and cultivating honest, rewarding partnerships.


Community in Motion

The Fort Lauderdale Tech Meetup was more than just an event; it was a lively mix of ideas, innovations, and people working together. Lorena and Caio had a wonderful experience meeting so many fantastic people. They’re already looking forward to returning for more meetups and want to express their sincere gratitude to Julia for putting together such a great gathering. Keep up with this fantastic work vital in nurturing a united network of individuals who can mutually support one another.

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