Rendair AI

Rendair AI is a suite of AI tools tailored for render creation.


Mymind is a platform that stores and organizes your valuable notes, images, quotes, and highlights, eliminating the need for manual categorization. It mimics the natural flow of your mind, allowing easy retrieval using colors, objects, or words.


Writecream’s AI Script Generator expedites the creation of video or podcast scripts. Accessed via the Writecream dashboard’s Command Mode, users input detailed topics, and the AI swiftly generates compelling scripts in seconds. If unsatisfied, a simple click regenerates another story with refined instructions.

Leonardo AI swiftly generates consistent high-quality assets for creative projects using AI.


BlueWillow is an image generation tool that simplifies the creation of a wide range of visuals. Just input a prompt, and BlueWillow effortlessly generates logos, graphics, digital artwork, or photo-realistic scenes, suitable for all users, regardless of experience.


DeepL Translate is a versatile translator for individuals and teams. It offers accurate translations in 31 languages and various document formats, including PDFs, Word docs, and PowerPoints. The tool boasts rapid translation with automatic language detection and includes a built-in glossary and dictionary tool for word lookup.

Easy-Peasy AI

Easy-Peasy.AI is your go-to AI content assistant, turbocharging content creation. With 80+ AI copywriting templates, it effortlessly produces engaging copy, while its AI images and transcription tools create captivating visuals and accurate audio transcriptions.


Simplified is an app for marketing teams, that provides free media assets, templates, and multilingual content creation. It includes a content calendar for social media scheduling and publishing, all accessible for free.


Decision leverages AI to streamline and enhance decision-making. With features like AI-assisted decisions, asynchronous teamwork, and accessible choices, Decision provides valuable support at every step. Its AI-powered assistant offers logical suggestions, diverse perspectives, and quick access to relevant information, aiding in brainstorming, improving writing, and predicting optimal choices based on past experiences.


Xembly is an assistant for business executives and professionals to optimize productivity. By automating routine tasks like managing meeting notes, scheduling, and to-do lists, Xembly simplifies daily workflows.