OpenAI Codex

OpenAI Codex is a system developed by OpenAI that translates natural language into code. It is the underlying model that powers GitHub Copilot, a tool built in partnership with GitHub. Codex is proficient in over a dozen programming languages and can interpret simple commands in natural language, execute them, and even build natural language interfaces to existing applications.


TabNine is a code completion tool designed to assist developers during coding. By analyzing natural language comments, it provides intelligent suggestions that enhance coding efficiency and reduce manual typing.


aiXcoder is a coding tool that offers comprehensive support for coding tasks. With auto-completion and contextual code suggestions, developers can significantly boost productivity. The tool’s vast built-in programming knowledge ensures relevant recommendations in real time.

Amazon CodeWhisperer

CodeWhisperer is an AI coding companion designed to enhance your coding experience. It operates within your integrated development environment (IDE) and offers real-time code recommendations.


AskCodi is an AI code assistant that streamlines coding. Powered by OpenAI Codex, AskCodi provides a range of features, including code generation, unit test creation, documentation assistance, and code conversions.

GitHub Copilot X

GitHub Copilot X is an AI-powered tool that enhances GitHub Copilot’s capabilities. It integrates into the developer’s workflow, providing chat and terminal interfaces with support for pull requests and early adoption of OpenAI’s GPT-4.