Shaping the Future of Data Science: Rodrigo Nader Story and the Rise of Logspace

We recently had a very interesting conversation here at Bitboundaire with Rodrigo Nader,  who kindly made himself available to engage with our team. 

He shared his inspiring journey, starting with conventional education and how his passion for data science paved the way for him to work in international companies and ultimately establish his own. In this post, we want to share the takeaways from our conversation.


From Civil Engineering to Data Science

Rodrigo is a talented young professional from Brazil who initially pursued a career in Civil Engineering but eventually found his passion in programming. Fuelled by his curiosity, he studied various programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, and Python, ultimately developing a strong interest in data science.

As his expertise in the domain expanded, Rodrigo embarked on freelance projects and began sharing his technical insights through articles on his Medium blog. This valuable experience allowed him to create an impressive portfolio and enhanced his visibility within the data science community. He was invited to contribute to the online magazine Towards Data Science and worked on remote projects for international companies.

Through his collaboration with Jon Snow Labs, an NLP company, Rodrigo’s exceptional skills caught the attention of Bitvore, an American company that provides business insights from unstructured data. Recognizing his talent and expertise, Bitvore hired him as the Head of Machine Learning.


Joining Bitvore

Bitvore daily processes an extensive volume of financial articles, ranging from 500,000 to 1 million daily. These articles undergo careful filtering and analysis to extract valuable insights, including topics, entities (companies, individuals, organizations), financial figures, locations, and more.

Using unstructured data, Bitvore gathers text from diverse sources, encompassing private and public outlets. The company also conducts sentiment analysis across various dimensions, capturing the sentiment associated with entities, companies, industries, and specific subjects. This empowers them to monitor opinions and gauge the impact of businesses across different domains, such as environmental factors while enabling comparative analysis over time. Additionally, Bitvore uncovers intricate relationships between entities, such as employees, partners, and competitors, constructing comprehensive connection graphs that shed light on supply chains and other crucial dynamics.



The Birth of Logspace

Rodrigo was able to continue working as a consultant for other clients while working in Bitvore. With the arrival of Gabriel as his partner, their workload began to grow, leading them to expand their team and establish what is now known as Logspace.

Logspace is the brainchild of Rodrigo and Gabriel, specializing in cutting-edge solutions for machine learning and data science. Their comprehensive services range from experimental stages to model deployment, with a strong focus on natural language processing, including chatbots and smartbots, as well as advanced neural network models for time series analysis and Deep Neural Nets.

Initially, Logspace operated as a service provider, catering to a diverse clientele. However, they have now embarked on a transition to a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This new approach entails offering innovative platforms that empower businesses to train and seamlessly integrate Machine Learning models.


LangFlow: Logspace’s Open-Source Project

Not only is Logspace fascinating, but a few months ago, they unveiled an open-source project called LangFlow on Hugging Face, a platform for Deep Learning models like GitHub. LangFlow is a no-code platform that revolutionizes the field by offering access to pre-trained language models. It effortlessly empowers users to create interactive conversational flows utilizing the GPT language model.

What makes this process interesting is the integration of an ingenious component known as the “agent” within the traditional machine learning pipeline. This agent, powered by the GPT language model, possesses cognitive abilities, enabling it to reason dynamically and astutely to determine the most appropriate tool or action to undertake within the conversation. It contains an unparalleled agency, taking autonomous decisions and seamlessly acting within the conversational flow.

The project quickly became a sensation on Twitter, captivating the attention of countless users who enthusiastically lauded its user-friendly nature and extraordinary capabilities. This unprecedented visibility has sparked widespread interest, culminating in captivating meetings with eager individuals from across the globe. Notably, investors from Silicon Valley have eagerly sought discussions to explore this project’s vast horizons and transformative potential.


A Deep Dive into Data Science

Not only did Rodrigo guide us on this journey – from his educational background in engineering to establishing his own company and a highly promising project that has gained significant popularity – but he also engaged in an insightful technical discussion with the team, allowing them to address their queries and gain further clarity.

We had a great time chatting with Rodrigo, and we sincerely appreciate his willingness to engage with our team. We would like to express our gratitude for his time and wish him the best of luck in his future ventures.

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