#14 – Bit Lighthouse – Talk with Nicole Vasquez

In today’s episode, meet Nicole Vasquez, a tech enthusiast who has been working hard to build and support tech communities. As the COO of Refresh Miami, Nicole is at the forefront of the Florida tech scene, driving innovation and connecting people. She’s not just a successful entrepreneur but also a Co-Founder of Deskpass, linking remote […]

Key Takeaways and Insights from Tech Summit San Francisco 2023

Silicon Valley recently hosted one of its most inspiring and influential tech events, the Tech Summit San Francisco 2023. The conference attracted a diverse range of attendees, including professionals from both technical and non-technical backgrounds. The event’s purpose was to educate, inspire, and connect individuals in the tech industry, regardless of their experience levels or roles. 

How Artificial Intelligence and NFTs can Disrupt the CRM Industry

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) industry may face a significant disruption with the emergence of two technologies: artificial intelligence (AI) and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). These technologies can enable new ways of offering real and virtual merchandising for customers, creating more value and engagement. In this article, you will learn what AI and NFTs are, how they can be applied to the CRM industry, and what benefits they can bring.