#14 – Bit Lighthouse – Talk with Nicole Vasquez

In today’s episode, meet Nicole Vasquez, a tech enthusiast who has been working hard to build and support tech communities. As the COO of Refresh Miami, Nicole is at the forefront of the Florida tech scene, driving innovation and connecting people. She’s not just a successful entrepreneur but also a Co-Founder of Deskpass, linking remote […]

#10 – Bit Lighthouse – Talk with Mauricio Benvenutti

In this Bit Lighthouse episode, we had an amazing chat with Mauricio Benvenutti, a prominent figure in the landscape of innovation. Having lived in Brazil, Silicon Valley, and Florida, he has been recognized by the Brazilian Congress for his exceptional entrepreneurial contributions.

#07 – Bit Lighthouse – Talk with Christine “CJ” Johnson

Christine “CJ” Johnson is a well-respected figure in the tech world, renowned for her expertise in building ecosystems, driving innovation, and bringing diverse groups together to create impactful communities. As a “multiplier” and “super-connector,” she’s not only elevated established brands but also steered small businesses with her visionary insights.

Birthed by innovation: The story of Bitboundaire

Embarking on a journey of innovation and technological advancement, Bitboundaire is dedicated to empowering businesses through software development. Our driving force is helping organizations overcome their digital challenges and transform their visions into tangible realities.